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At AAT Group, we know entrepreneurs struggle to realize the full potential of their business, and most close down within five years in spite of all their hard work. Then they end up having to deal with the consequences for years to come.

We use our unique process to craft solutions helping all entrepreneurs leverage the potential in their businesses, so they have the resources to reach their business goals and their personal wealth goals.

With the right solutions, all entrepreneurs can enjoy stress-free living and worry-free retirement.

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We’re motivated by the desire to help all entrepreneurs live stress-free and look forward to a worry-free retirement because we believe you deserve it.

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We want to effect real change in your life, so we listen intentionally to understand the true hurdles you’re facing so we can help.

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We figure out how to help you make better business and financial decisions so you can reach your personal and business goals.

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Bob Patten Owner and Certified Public Accountant of AAT Group

Bob Patten

Owner / CPA

Robert MacArthur Patten, CPA

  • Certified Public Accountant, Virginia license 47009
  • Major, USMC (Retired)
  • Married to Deborah L Patten (the love of my life)
  • Adult children – 5
  • Daughters-in-law – 2 and 1 Son-in-law.
  • Grandchildren – 19 (for now)
  • Member American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, AICPA
  • Member, Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants, VSCPA
  • Attended Liberty University (for advanced accounting courses)
  • Graduated Park University with a bachelors degree in Computer Science
  • Graduated Texas A&M University with a bachelors degree in Business Management.

With a career Air Force father, my family, which included my mother 1 older brother and 2 younger sisters, moved at least every 3 years. We lived in Texas, Alabama, Kansas, Virginia, California Florida and Japan. I turned 9 years old on a ship in the Pacific Ocean during the voyage to Japan and still speak some Japanese to this day. At a very early age I learned that the similarities between people transcend the differences of customs, culture, language and dress. At minimum, all of God’s children deserve respect and present the richest of learning opportunities.

If you thought all of that moving would encourage me to stay in 1 place, guess again. After graduating from Texas A&M, I achieved a childhood dream of becoming a Marine Corps officer. As a result I moved, with a family which included a wife and eventually 3 daughters, at least every 3 years. Duty station locations included Virginia, South Carolina (Parris Island), North Carolina, which included 2 deployments to the Mediterranean Sea, New York, and Okinawa, which included 2 deployments to such places as Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Being entrepreneurs at heart, my wife and I immersed in a number of businesses before retiring from the Marine Corps. These have grown to 6 children’s academies (Cornerstone Christian Academy, Cornerstone Academy Day Center – Lake Ridge VA, Cornerstone Academy Day Center – Arlington VA, Cornerstone Academy Day Center – Woodbridge VA, Seven Oaks Academy Woodbridge VA, and Seven Oaks Academy Manassas VA) and the CPA practice. All have included many growing pains which have run the gamut from annoying to excruciating. I have banged my head on that ceiling so many times that I’ve come to learn they are valuable learning opportunities. It is axiomatic. If you are growing your business, you will experience new and more complex challenges at predictable levels of success. I have also learned that I cannot do everything all by my self. There is a point at which we all need the assistance of experts. The best are those of us who have been there, done that and know the path forward.

We need to talk. Don’t wait any longer.

You see I reduce taxes by 50% almost 100% of the time.

How? By sequencing and layering proven tax advantaged strategies which are well within the rules.

Why? To grow your profit while taking back your life, achieve your financial goals, and secure you and your family’s future all while having quality time for the things you love.

Debbie Patten Owner and Enrolled Agent of AAT Group

Debbie Patten

Owner / Enrolled Agent

Debbie Patten is an experienced and professional Financial Officer who has helped countless companies succeed by leveraging her competence and vast expertise in business management. In addition to providing comprehensive financial services as a “go-to” tax advisor, she has been working with various business owners and staff leaders for over 25 years, training individuals from all backgrounds and experience levels to run profitable businesses.

With her core focus on childcare facility operations and impeccable business finance strategy implementation, Debbie has contributed to the continued success of companies across the city of Woodbridge and Prince William County.

Debbie attributes her financial know-how and penchant for hard work to the challenging circumstances she faced as a child. Born into a low-income working family, Debbie understood the value of money from a young age. While she was still in grade school, she won a contest by selling more donuts than any other participant and was rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City. The experience opened her eyes to what she could achieve by applying herself and formed the foundation of the unshakeable work ethic that she would go on to be known for today.

A former enrolled agent with the IRS, Debbie’s experience has proven to be an invaluable asset to the businesses that she and her husband, Bob, have established together. These businesses include six children’s academies as well as a thriving CPA practice. While providing hands-on assistance and consultative guidance in the CPA practice, Debbie oversees all six academies and their operating budgets, which aggregate to $2.5 million. Her passion for children and education motivates her to ensure that the young minds who attend her academies receive the highest level of exceptional education combined with fun and engaging after-school activities and summer camp programs. Debbie understands that children are the future of our nation, which is why their education and development are of paramount importance to her.

Debbie is married to Bob Patten, a dedicated CPA, and they have five children and 19 grandchildren. Her personal belief is that anyone can achieve success, regardless of the challenges that come their way. With baby steps and proper guidance, Debbie is living proof that great things are possible, no matter where you make your start