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better living

a better future

You’re starting to feel it’s too late in the game to build wealth…

The fear and worry you’re feeling about the future is disheartening because there’s no one to blame but yourself. Now you’re staring at the end zone and the goalposts are getting fuzzy. You could have avoided it all by taking the time to create a plan, but who has the time for that, and where would you start? You’re not quite at the two-minute warning yet, but you know you have to get started soon or all the work you’ve done building a successful business will be for naught.

Make your business
work for you

Let your business and investments help you create a brighter future.

You’ll be

Financially free

You’ll be

stress free

You’ll be

worry free

A Three-Phased Approach to Building Wealth


Your Dreams

Let’s take a look at what your tax burden is now and formulate a plan to help you reduce what you pay.


The Plan

Implement your new tax strategy so you can increase cash flow, increase profits, and accelerate your business’ growth.


Start Building

We’ll help you adjust your tax mitigation strategy as tax codes change, your business changes and your goals change.

“Thanks Bob! I wouldn’t be where I am now without your advice and your expertise.”
Patty Villareal
COO – Ladies Silk Merchants
“If it wasn’t for AA&T Group I’d be sweating my retirement.”
Michael Williams
Owner – MPT Software
“My taxes, my business, and my retirement were a mess! Thanks for putting it back together Bob.”
Chris Holland
CEO – CH Construction

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A Strategy to Get More from Your Business

At AAT Group, we know you want to be financially secure so you can live a stress-free life and enjoy worry-free retirement. To accomplish that, you must have a wealth plan that makes sense. The problem is you thought you had plenty of time, but the clock is ticking down and you’re feeling frustrated, worried, and angry at yourself for not doing more when you had the opportunity.

We believe that as an entrepreneur you should be able to benefit from all your hard work. We’re business owners too and we know you deserve more. That’s why we help entrepreneurs who feel just like you get more from their businesses and investments to create wealth plans ensuring the worry-free retirement they dream of.

A simple but powerful wealth building process

We’ll talk about where you are now, what your exit plan looks like, and what your timelines are, then we’ll help you evaluate your business, your assets, and your tax liabilities to create a wealth plan that will put you on the path to reaching your goals. When we’re done, you can finally sit back and relax and take advantage of all the hard work you’ve done building a successful business.

Schedule a call with one of our Wealth Experts and secure the future of your business and your life today.